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American born Buddhist monk Hwansan Sunim has has written a series of articles over at the Huffington Post on different ways to meditate, including how to meditate while sitting in a chair, standing up, and for his most recent article in the series, he explains how to meditate while lying down.

Traditionally, in a Son Buddhist monastery, we are taught to meditate lying down when we’re about to go to sleep. It is said that this is the best way to enter sleep, and I personally have found this to be absolutely true.

Keep in mind that lying meditation for falling asleep is only one of several uses for this practice. Others include lying meditation for emotional recovery, physical recovery, and also for waking up.
For those of you having difficulty falling asleep, these exercises may be worth trying out, as they are designed to get you started in the practice of mindful relaxation. Check out the article (linked below).

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